Off-Season Stud is LIVE!!

Off-Season Stud is LIVE!

Just who does this guy think he is, calling me last minute to book two cabins for an entire month — and after tourist season? It’s the end of summer, and River Rocks resort owner Gretchen Fletcher is closing up her business for the winter and thinking over some major life changes. She does not have time for a late-season renter, no matter how many hundred dollar bills he can peel off from his billfold. But everything has its price, and watching him peel off his shirt might be worth delaying her plans to settle down. 

Dr. Matthew Brendan is a secretive professor who wants to find a remote cabin to hole up and finish his work. He’ll pay any price, and the sexy resort owner is an added perk of the perfect Northwoods scenery. He soon finds that Gretchen makes it difficult for him to concentrate on his project, especially when life isn’t giving her the happiness she deserves — and that he knows he could give her.

WARNING: This is a SAFE, steamy love story that contains a HAPPY ENDING, NO CHEATING, NO CLIFFHANGERS, and a satisfying epilogue. Hang on tight, there will be choppy waters and an over-the-top, ridiculous and FUN climax. 18 and over only, please.