Walk with Me is LIVE!!



Book Four in the Small Town Bachelor Romance series

by Abby Knox


Logan has traveled all around the world to escape the confines of his domineering, wealthy family. He has  finally found his place out in the wide open spaces of the American Southwest. Rescuing hapless hikers and educating kids on the beauty and dangers of the canyon, he doesn’t have to deal with himself and his own issues. He needs nothing and nobody  to intrude on his perfect existence. That is, until she stumbles into his view of the great outdoors — with her inadequate supplies and tendency to walk too close to the edges — and messes everything up.


Ever has broken things off with her longtime boyfriend shortly before a non-refundable vacation adventure. The troll had the nerve to say she works too much and trains too little. Well, this curvy girl will show him how it’s done. She’s overcoming all the odds to conquer the great outdoors, by herself. Realizing quickly she’s in way over her head, Ever sets her sights on a hot park ranger to help guide her through the wide open spaces. She knows she’s not ready to take the plunge into love, but this khaki-clad do-gooder might have more to offer her than a backcountry pass.


Do you like knock-me-over-with-a-feather insta-love? Do you like voluptuous heroines who go it alone on vacation and don't care what anybody thinks? Logan and Ever are all that, plus a bag of trail mix.

Fair warning: this is an adult book featuring sweaty adults doing sweaty, adult things in a dangerous, punishing environment. So, gather up your first aid supplies and watch out for that cactus.