Running with the Pack is LIVE!!!

After all this time… the scent always leads him back to her.

Wolf shifter Bobby Jordan is a crowd pleasing party animal, but he’s only ever had eyes — and a nose — for his best friend, the copper-haired beauty, Penny. But a childhood trauma has forced Bobby to keep his feelings at bay and simply do what he must to protect her. But now, unable to bear her perception of him as the monster he is, Bobby decides it’s time to pounce … or bounce.


Penny LeFleur wishes her best friend and pack leader Bobby would make a move already. Their lives are forever linked by their shared shifter makeup, and he’s always been dangerously protective of her. So, it seems like a no-brainer. Still, he’s spent the entirety of their friendship hesitating, leaving her waiting and always wanting more. She had hopes that all of the wedding party hookups taking place around them would awaken the beast — in a good way — but it seems all the drama has sent him further into his dark place. Penny’s she-wolf heart might be the only thing to save Bobby from himself.


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