So that happened

If you've ever had the stomach bug AND the flu virus lay waste to your entire household in one week, then you'll understand where I disappeared to in the last week.

Oy. That was ... rough.

Good news, we are all better but I'm still fighting the fatigue.

Better news ... COVER REVEAL!!

Witch Please! will be released in the next day or two and I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the cover. It's just ... all the swoons.

This is a stand-alone romance set in the kooky little town of Birchdale, same world as Some Basic Witch.

Running the rowdiest pub in town is the perfect job for a nocturnal bachelor like Drew. Birchdale has its share of weird incidents and weird folks, so it’s the perfect place to lie low and live his passions: making beer and making eyes at the hot little witch across the street. He’s hoping by cranking it up to 11, she might decide to come a little closer. After all, he doesn’t bite. Much.

Creating a safe space for healing and expression is part of witch Alice’s dream in starting an open mic night at her popular coffee house. After all, her little town has been through a lot lately. Bonfires gone wrong. Angry villagers armed with pitchforks and torches. Demons rising. The usual shenanigans. Foiling her efforts to Birchdale feel like a safe, serene place again is the overgrown frat boy across the street, Drew, who won’t stop ogling her at every turn. Something about his presence makes her feel anything but safe, and she wants no part of that. Nope. Not at all.

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