Something wild and woolly this way comes...

Oh hi there!

I've got something completely different for you. A five-part series full of shapeshifters, debutantes and feisty behavior.

Here's the cover. I would be lying if I didn't admit I have a little lady crush on this gal that my friend at Mayhem Cover Creations came up with. Hoo buddy. I cannot wait for you all to meet Rosemary.

Taking the Belle.jpg


Rosemary and Ash sort of waltzed into my dreams one night. They are full of salt and spice and heat, just like the beans and rice that my young gentleman caller likes to make for me. This is insta-love, y'all. Like the kind you feel when you take a bite of that authentic jambalaya and the andouille just melts in your mouth. Did I just write that? Did I just blush? Not telling.

This is insta-attraction, insta-love that cannot be contained by social structures or even by different species of shapeshifters, haha! These two got it going on, so you better just get outta their way.

Watch this space for updates ... and maybe a sneak peak.

And if you're ready to read the first chapter, you can always click this link and pick up a copy of Written in the Stars, the entire first chapter is there as well.

Love you more than my luggage. That's funny because I don't really have a matching set of luggage. I have failed at being female in the South.