Written in the Stars is LIVE!!

I'm so excited for you all to read my fourth book, Written in the Stars, a special Christmas edition of the Small Town Bachelor Romance series. You do not have to read any of these in any particular order. They stand alone on their own just fine. 

I just need to tell you all how this story came about. Claire appeared in my head one day as I was driving. I just thought about those Angel Trees at Christmastime, and how every angel on that tree represents a family, and each of those families has a story. 

And I remembered the reputation of one major business in a town where I used to work. Every year, the owner would send his assistant out the week before Christmas and grab all the remaining angels off the tree. The company would provide all the gifts and then some, for all of the families that nobody else wanted to sponsor. He didn't brag about it or publicize it. It just happened, and word got around. I always loved that story. 

And then, I wondered what it would be like if that assistant went to an Angel Tree and discovered that it was his or her family that the boss was going to be anonymously providing presents for. That sentence was weird but I'm tired and I can't think how to construct that better.

ANYHOO. You get my drift. I thought, what a tender moment between two people if that secret was found out. It could go very wrong or it could be wonderful. Obviously, I will always choose the wonderful outcome. Because I don't know about you, but I read and write romance to escape this crazy world of sadness, especially this time of year. And that, my friends, is how Written in the Stars was born!

I may have more thoughts on holiday romance stories in general, later in the coming days. 

In the meantime I hope you enjoy my book. Scroll down to read the first chapter if you're not so sure. 

And have a blessed and relaxing and highly escapist holiday, whatever you choose to celebrate!