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Cover Reveal for May release!

An unexpected gift lands Edie and her broken heart in a strange new town where she’s alone and knows no one. She intends to keep it that way, immersing herself in a self-imposed hermit lifestyle.

Lane can’t keep his eyes or his mind off the town’s gorgeous new arrival. It’s pretty much impossible to do so when his many jobs keep causing them to bump into each other, literally and figuratively.

Jump into this sweet, swoony and steamy love story that’s full of secret rendezvous and irresistible attachments.

May 2019 release date TBA!


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Hey, all!

I’ve started a new closed group on Facebook to help me get to know you better! Please join us and jump on in the discussions. This is a group that will allow you to ask questions, give feedback and share ideas. I’m excited to learn more about what my readers want to see!

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Off-Season Stud is LIVE!!

Off-Season Stud is LIVE!

Just who does this guy think he is, calling me last minute to book two cabins for an entire month — and after tourist season? It’s the end of summer, and River Rocks resort owner Gretchen Fletcher is closing up her business for the winter and thinking over some major life changes. She does not have time for a late-season renter, no matter how many hundred dollar bills he can peel off from his billfold. But everything has its price, and watching him peel off his shirt might be worth delaying her plans to settle down. 

Dr. Matthew Brendan is a secretive professor who wants to find a remote cabin to hole up and finish his work. He’ll pay any price, and the sexy resort owner is an added perk of the perfect Northwoods scenery. He soon finds that Gretchen makes it difficult for him to concentrate on his project, especially when life isn’t giving her the happiness she deserves — and that he knows he could give her.

WARNING: This is a SAFE, steamy love story that contains a HAPPY ENDING, NO CHEATING, NO CLIFFHANGERS, and a satisfying epilogue. Hang on tight, there will be choppy waters and an over-the-top, ridiculous and FUN climax. 18 and over only, please.


His Vinyl Vixen is LIVE!!

Zara Rhodes is freshly graduated from her East Coast Ivy League college and has returned home to California, just for one summer. She's going to help out at her mother’s struggling record store, and then split as soon as she finds her true calling. Having just turned 21, she should be sowing her wild oats. But she has no interest in making the same choices her mother did at that age. Which means, steering clear of men. 
Kai Stormcloud is a a hippie drifter with a checkered past. He's starting over with only the guitar in his hands and his wits. Maybe he'll busk his way up the California coast until he’s got enough money to send home to his aunt who raised him. Or, maybe follow his favorite jam band across the country for awhile. He doesn’t know or care what happens after that. But when he spots a spunky little record store clerk on his first day in Sea Grove, he changes his tune. She makes it clear she doesn’t trust his type, but Kai will do anything to win her over. Even get a real job. 

Warning! This is a grown-up book about sex, drugs and rock & roll. Well, not that much about drugs. But it IS full of possessive dudes and sassy females who will put you in your place. No cheating. HEA. Each book in this collection can be read as a stand alone or part of the brand-new Beach Avenue Babes romances. If you can't handle the beat, get out of the mosh pit.


Walk with Me is LIVE!!



Book Four in the Small Town Bachelor Romance series

by Abby Knox


Logan has traveled all around the world to escape the confines of his domineering, wealthy family. He has  finally found his place out in the wide open spaces of the American Southwest. Rescuing hapless hikers and educating kids on the beauty and dangers of the canyon, he doesn’t have to deal with himself and his own issues. He needs nothing and nobody  to intrude on his perfect existence. That is, until she stumbles into his view of the great outdoors — with her inadequate supplies and tendency to walk too close to the edges — and messes everything up.


Ever has broken things off with her longtime boyfriend shortly before a non-refundable vacation adventure. The troll had the nerve to say she works too much and trains too little. Well, this curvy girl will show him how it’s done. She’s overcoming all the odds to conquer the great outdoors, by herself. Realizing quickly she’s in way over her head, Ever sets her sights on a hot park ranger to help guide her through the wide open spaces. She knows she’s not ready to take the plunge into love, but this khaki-clad do-gooder might have more to offer her than a backcountry pass.


Do you like knock-me-over-with-a-feather insta-love? Do you like voluptuous heroines who go it alone on vacation and don't care what anybody thinks? Logan and Ever are all that, plus a bag of trail mix.

Fair warning: this is an adult book featuring sweaty adults doing sweaty, adult things in a dangerous, punishing environment. So, gather up your first aid supplies and watch out for that cactus.



Walk With Me set to be ready for pre-order SOON

OK, beautifuls. I'm trying some new things.

I'm super excited for the release of Walk With Me. So I decided to seek out beta readers, and I'm so glad I did! I found one and she is the BOMB!

Ive been working on my revisions, which will probably be finished in a few days and then I'm going to get this baby ready for pre-order. I'm so ready. 

This cover, y'all. Someone said he looks as if Chris Pratt and Bradley Cooper had a baby. You know what? That would be some excellent DNA right there. I don't know who this model is but I think he's just the bees knees, don't you? Scroll down, why don't ya!

I'm also going to put a call out for book bloggers to give some advance copies to and look into a book tour. If any of you lovelies are bloggers or have a recommendation, throw it my way! 

I'd also be willing to do a review exchange with fellow authors. 

I love how this community supports each other. It's truly inspiring and gets me motivated every morning to write my little heart out.

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Walk With Me.jpg

The bundle is LIVE ...

Five stories. Five couples. One wedding. Ten creature shifters. 

If you haven't been keeping up with Her Big Easy Wedding, no worries! It's all right in this box set, with one bonus story and one SWEET price!

If you HAVE been reading this series, you're in for a treat because it features four all new epilogues, wrapping it up with a sweet little ribbon.

Grab it TODAY on Amazon!


Running with the Pack is LIVE!!!

After all this time… the scent always leads him back to her.

Wolf shifter Bobby Jordan is a crowd pleasing party animal, but he’s only ever had eyes — and a nose — for his best friend, the copper-haired beauty, Penny. But a childhood trauma has forced Bobby to keep his feelings at bay and simply do what he must to protect her. But now, unable to bear her perception of him as the monster he is, Bobby decides it’s time to pounce … or bounce.


Penny LeFleur wishes her best friend and pack leader Bobby would make a move already. Their lives are forever linked by their shared shifter makeup, and he’s always been dangerously protective of her. So, it seems like a no-brainer. Still, he’s spent the entirety of their friendship hesitating, leaving her waiting and always wanting more. She had hopes that all of the wedding party hookups taking place around them would awaken the beast — in a good way — but it seems all the drama has sent him further into his dark place. Penny’s she-wolf heart might be the only thing to save Bobby from himself.


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Chasing the Night is LIVE!

Part Three of the new short-read series

Her Big Easy Wedding

The morning after …

Chastity was on the prowl at her cousin’s bachelorette party, bound and determined to finally lose her virginity. Mission accomplished, but she doesn’t remember much about the main event. Now, on the hunt for coffee and carbs, the de-flowered debutante’s walk of shame has her missing her mystery man at every turn.

Gavin wakes up naked and alone in the woods, with vague clues and fuzzy memories of the one-night stand that unfolded after his best friend’s bachelor party. But this wolf does not do one-night stands. He’s determined to find this perfect woman who rocked his world, and claim her for his own.

Chasing The Night is the third installment in the five-part series, Her Big Easy Wedding. These titles are fun, quick reads full of insta-love, alpha males, big-haired debutants and plenty of Louisiana hot sauce for everyone!



So that happened

If you've ever had the stomach bug AND the flu virus lay waste to your entire household in one week, then you'll understand where I disappeared to in the last week.

Oy. That was ... rough.

Good news, we are all better but I'm still fighting the fatigue.

Better news ... COVER REVEAL!!

Witch Please! will be released in the next day or two and I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the cover. It's just ... all the swoons.

This is a stand-alone romance set in the kooky little town of Birchdale, same world as Some Basic Witch.

Running the rowdiest pub in town is the perfect job for a nocturnal bachelor like Drew. Birchdale has its share of weird incidents and weird folks, so it’s the perfect place to lie low and live his passions: making beer and making eyes at the hot little witch across the street. He’s hoping by cranking it up to 11, she might decide to come a little closer. After all, he doesn’t bite. Much.

Creating a safe space for healing and expression is part of witch Alice’s dream in starting an open mic night at her popular coffee house. After all, her little town has been through a lot lately. Bonfires gone wrong. Angry villagers armed with pitchforks and torches. Demons rising. The usual shenanigans. Foiling her efforts to Birchdale feel like a safe, serene place again is the overgrown frat boy across the street, Drew, who won’t stop ogling her at every turn. Something about his presence makes her feel anything but safe, and she wants no part of that. Nope. Not at all.

Watch this space or better yet sign up for the newsletter so you'll know THE SECOND it goes live!




Having His Cake is LIVE!

Having his Cake is LIVE!


Part two of the new short-read series


By Abby Knox


Vann West is a globetrotting celebrity New Orleans chef. He has everything from superhero good looks to a fangirl in every port. But now, he’s only got eyes for one female, and a powerful need for some Big Easy comfort food.


GiGi DuGray a hardworking local cafe owner and pastry chef extraordinaire. A sassy little kitten with big dreams, she’s got no time for local golden boys, but always time to feed a hungry wolf that comes calling.


When they meet, it might be more than just a party on the taste buds. There might even be a little blood. Most definitely, there will be icing. Strange things happen when the beasts are hungry.


Having his cake is the second installment in the five-part series, Her Big Easy Wedding. These titles are fun, quick reads full of insta-love, alpha males, big-haired debutants and plenty of Louisiana hot sauce for everyone!



Having his Cake is on the way

Last week, Abby introduced you to Ash and Rosemary. 

This week, meet Vann and GiGi, part two of Her Big Easy Wedding: Having his Cake.

There will be kissing. There will be scratching. There might be blood. And also ... icing. Listen, shit gets weird when the beasts come out to play.

Watch this space. The book drops Friday!




Taking the Belle is LIVE!!!

Say hello to my newest friends, Rosemary and Ash. 

Part one of the NEW short-read series HER BIG EASY WEDDING

By Abby Knox

Ashton Boudreaux knows what he wants as soon as he sees it. 

When the strange little princess in the dangerous dress walks in to his friend's bar one night, Ash can barely remember his own name, let alone the name of the woman who recently did him wrong. He knows it's a bad idea to get close to someone who doesn't understand his wild-and-woolly secret, but he's the breed of guy who mates for life. He doesn't care who her daddy is and does not care how many gilded hoops he has to jump through. He's gonna marry that girl and do whatever she says to get her down the aisle.

Rosemary DuChamps has got it all, except any desire for a daddy-approved mate. 

She's a hell cat who's hell-bent on sinking her claws into just the right down-home fella.

A man who can keep up with her.
A man who isn't after her family's money.
And, a man who can handle her family's secrets.
Ashton Boudreaux fits the bill perfectly. He's a self-made man, tons of fun and mystery, and has latched on to her so fast they're as cozy as beans and rice. 


Taking the Belle is the first installment of a NEW five-part series, Her Big Easy Wedding. These titles are fun, quick reads full of insta-love, alpha males, big-haired debutants and plenty of Louisiana hot sauce for everyone!